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Don't You Know Who I Am

60 minutes

Our life is made up of numbers: 175 cm, $10,000, 160 bpm, 42 years, 120 IQ, 3 children…

Don’t You Know Who I Am is a captivating studio-based celebrity game show, where 8 contestants need to answer questions about 1 a-list celebrity and simultaneously share the stage with the celebrity with who they need to communicate with! The questions are always related to the celebrity guests’ life numbers such as their IQ level, amount of gold records or year of their first kiss, and the answer is always a number. The questions are categorized in 4 types: career, mind, body and surprise. There is only 15 seconds on the clock. Whoever is the furthest away from the right answer is eliminated, and no two contestants can choose the same answer. In the end, there are 2 contestants left standing, who face each other in the final. Whoever answers more questions right from 8 multiple choice questions, wins a serious money prize!

Don’t You Know Who I Am offers an intense competition while getting to know a star celebrity – it is a game show with a touch of talk show!

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