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Producer: Rabbit Films

Genres: Entertainment, Format

City vs Country

Rabbit Films
12 x 60 mins

The whole country is divided roughly into two sides: people living in the big cities and people living in the country. In this show two hosts take the teams trough three humorous rounds of the game to see which side dominates: city or country? People from the big liberal cities seem to be living in their bubble of soy lattes and artesian bread. And people from the countryside are all hillbillies hanging out with their sheep. Or are they?

In each episode four teams of three people (two city teams and two country teams) compete for the victory. The teams can be family members, friends, co-workers or neighbors, as long as they feel strongly about being part of one of the sides. During the three rounds the teams are asked a variety of questions concerning the lifestyle of the other side. The winner of a luxurious holiday trip is the team that manages to get through all the three rounds and gather the most points. City vs Country is a warm-hearted competition with bucketloads of tension!

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