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Company overview

PromoMii was founded by media industry professionals with deep experience in the video content creation vertical. Each had identified the emerging opportunities of cloud based A.I. technology for content creation to alleviate some of the most time-consuming processes such as logging.

PromoMii’s revolutionary software, NOVA A.I., gives creatives more time to produce high quality content by allowing them to significantly speed up the logging process and find the hidden gems in their content at the click of a button with its micro detail search functions. Faces, places, emotions, actions, objects and words.

Want to find all scenes with Brad Pitt smiling next to a car? Or all the famous moustaches for a Movember stunt? Simply type it into NOVA and find every single moment across your entire archive in seconds. Then export the scenes to any video editing software such as Premiere Pro or DaVinci for further editing. It is also possible to create automatic subtitles.

NOVA A.I is easy to use, cost-efficient and can reduce logging time by up to 70% - giving teams more time to create memorable moments. The platform is trusted by several global media houses including Disney, NENT, VRT and more.

Company contact

Address: 72-74 Dean Street
United Kingdom
Phone: +44 (0)7931503796
E-mail: [email protected]

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