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Company overview

Portocabo has become one of the most referenced drama production companies in national and international markets, establishing alliances to produce drama, opening Spain to international coproduction. The company is lead by Alfonso Blanco, one of the country’s most influential executive producers and showrunners. READ MORE

Company contact

Address: R. Arco, 13, 1o
A Coruña, La Coruña
Phone: +34 881 898 440

Programming Profile

Portocabo: Co-production Works


Alfonso Blanco, CEO and executive producer, Portcabo


In conversation with C21, top executives from Spanish producer Portocabo, Alfonso Blanco, CEO and executive producer; Alfonso López. producer & business management, and Nina Hernández, head of content, presented the company’s upcoming projects and gave their insights on why Spanish talent is so appreciated internationally.


How important coproduction is for the company?

Alfonso Blanco – Portocabo was born in 2010 with the clear objective of making series under a co-production model. Since then, international co-production has allowed us to create products that travel across the borders of many countries and create international alliances with partners from all over the world, such as France and Germany (Hierro), Latin America (Los Enviados), Italy (The Avatars), and Portugal (Auga Seca or Vidago Palace).
One of the Portocabo’s great achievements with the success of Hierro was to prove to the Spanish local market that co-production was possible and that it worked. We managed to make series that could work for prime time in more than one territory, financed by several countries and achieving an even greater international exploitation and repercussion.