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Director: Martin Roy, Isabelle Garneau

Producer: Martin Roy

Executive Producer: Nicola Merola and Charles Lafortune

Writer: Marie-Josée Ouellet, Martine Pagé, Kristine Metz, Julien Tapp

Cast: Marie-Soleil Dion, Emmanuelle Lussier-Martinez, Noémie O'Farrell, Antoine Vezina, Normand D'amour, Pierre-Yves Cardinal, Charlie Pierre, Tommy Joubert.

Genres: Comedy

Counter-Offer (Contre-Offre)

12 x 30 minutes

The small family Levesque agency is desperately trying to survive within the highly unpredictable real estate industry. The father and agency founder, Alain, broker for 35 years, is on the verge of burnout. Christine, his eldest daughter, a careerist at heart, gets courted by Intermax, the number one real estate network. Quite the opposite of her sister Daphnée, an hypersensitive single mother who lacks self-confidence. Working in the family agency allows her to devote herself to Lulu, her daughter with ADHD and very mature fo her age. As for Jade, the third sister, she’ll come back to the family business, abandoning dreams of a great career as an actress.
Between childish bickering and professional disagreements, the atmosphere at
Team Levesque is electric. Especially since Marcel, a longtime colleague and friend of
Alain, convinced himself he's one of the leaders of the family banner. Because of his
somewhat familiar sales techniques, the female siblings do not see him as an asset to the agency.
Dysfunctional, but endearing, the fledging real estate team always bond together to
support their buyers and sellers as they seek happiness and success within the hectic
real estate jungle. The team is often at war with their number one rival at Intermax, Marc Huard - an arrogant, smooth operator. If the stress associated with the purchase or the sell of a property can upset many people, imagine when a family chooses to make a career out of it. Fortunately, the strength of blood ties will lead them to stick together in the face of adversity.

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