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Director: Guillaume Lonergan

Producer: Marie-Ève Pelletier

Executive Producer: Nicola Merola & Charles Lafortune

Writer: Guillaume Lambert & Florence Longpré

Cast: Florence Longpré, Josée Deschênes, Denis Bouchard, Dominic St-Laurent, Martin David Peters, Zeneb Blanchet

10 x 22 minutes

In the midst of an existential crisis, Audrey wakes up from a prolonged coma at the age of 33, a virgin and childless. In addition to relearning to eat, walk, talk, she must face the fact that she is now living in 2020 ... Everything around her has changed, including her family members and close friends. Her parents are now divorced, her brother cut ties with her, her best friend Cynthia now lives in isolation. As a result of her catatonic state, Audrey has remained in Sorel-Tracy, never fulfilling her dream of moving to Montreal. The series will explore her psychological evolution, physical rehabilitation and adaptation to the time in which she wakes up. Over the course of the first season, Audrey’s damaged memory unveils details to the events that put her into a coma ...
Audrey’s Back is a dramedy TV series written by Guillaume Lambert and Florence Longpré that subtly oscillates between humor and deep identity issues with a hint of suspense.
On the way to her own rehabilitation and above all, in search of meaning, her awakening from the coma will “wake up” everyone around her, as if, in contact with her, we reappropriate our own existence and the immense pleasure of being alive. Little by little, the others cast of characters will awaken to their true selves.

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