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Brave New Girls

30 minutes

Jenna Talackova may have been born a man, but make no mistake: this beauty queen is all woman, and she's not afraid to roar - just ask Donald Trump. After skyrocketing to fame as the transgendered girl with the gall to take on "The Donald" for the right to compete in Miss Universe, Jenna won't let anything keep her from her dreams.

She's set her sights on becoming a top model, actor, and television personality. And she's got just the right entourage to help her do it: her cousin Angela, Jenna's closest confidant and occasional worst nightmare; her best friend Dajana, a level-headed beauty who's always trying to help Jenna get out of her own way; and Vanessa, Jenna's hard-charging and long-suffering publicist.

BRAVE NEW GIRLS follows the lives of these young, hot, up-and-comers as they strive for success, love and the limelight.

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