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Producer: Brown Bob Productions

Genres: Factual

The Architecture the Railways Built S2

Passion Distribution
10 x 60’

Throughout the 19th Century, railway stations were built as majestic palaces, reflecting the huge amount of money to be made from rail passengers.

Iconic bridges and viaducts were built to span valleys. New engineering had to be invented, built with state of the art materials. Railway architecture was the first thing a traveller would see when they arrived in a new city, so Europe’s capitals and its new industrial metropolises all vied to create impressive symbols of national wealth.

The Architecture the Railways Built showcases stunning railway architecture from across the UK and Europe. From grand stations to signal boxes, viaducts to railway villages and everything in between. Presenter and railways aficionado, Tim Dunn uncovers the stories behind the structures, meets people with a passion for design, and gets hands on with the architecture himself, whenever he can.

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