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Producer: ITN Productions

Genres: Documentary

Storming The Capital: The Inside Story

Passion Distribution
1 x 45’

In shocking and unbelievable scenes, the very heart of the United States government was stormed by Trump supporters, just as legislators were formalising the election of President Trump's successor, Joseph Biden.

Just hours earlier Trump, his family and senior figures like Rudy Guilani, had goaded and incited the crowd that later broke down the doors of the of the Halls of Congress, intoxicated by the unlikely prospect of reversing an election they had come to wrongly believe was stolen from them by the Democrats. But this assault on the symbol of American democracy was a long time coming, perhaps the inevitable outcome of the Trump era, where conspiracy theory and lies were fed to the people by the President himself.

Only one news team was on the inside the building with the aggrieved and infuriated rioters that infamous day – ITV’s Robert Moore, Producer Sophie Alexander and Cameraman Mark Davey - and they obtained unique and exclusive footage of what went on inside where 5 people lost their lives, and a shadow was cast over American democracy.

Was the storming of Congress orchestrated or opportunistic? Who were these protesters and what was their intent? Were they domestic terrorists, as Biden insists? How exactly did a bunch of hooligans pull off the greatest security breach since 9/11? Did the cops turn a blind eye? What is their connection to conspiracy theories? And did Trump encourage them and can he be charged with incitement?

As America reels in shock at these events, and legislators contemplate whether to remove Trump from office, Robert Moore talks us through the unprecedented events of that day with unseen footage from his time inside the Capitol in an afternoon that became the defining and dramatic conclusion to President Trump's ill-fated time in office.

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