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Producer: back2back Productions
Genres: Factual
People: back2back Productions
Outrageous Weddings

Passion Distribution
8 x 60’

Hilarious drunken uncles, collapsing bandstands, Swarovski crystal cakes and food fights; from the funny to the inconsolably catastrophic... this is Outrageous Weddings!

With an event as tightly orchestrated as a wedding, with months of preparation and loads of money spent, something is always bound to go array.

In this jaw-dropping 'part doc/part clip show' series, professional wedding footage supplied by the bride and groom is combined with astonishing content shot by eager guests. This includes everything from lost grooms and vomiting vicars, to hilarious bridesmaid dress mishaps, best man speeches gone wrong, proposal calamities and country weddings invaded by cows.

The show also features outrageous weddings that push the boundaries of budgets and taste - from cakes that cost thousands to wedding dresses that have to be seen to be believed and $12,000 party bags. Tears, laughter, fights and pranks - all of it caught on camera.

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