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Producer: Firecracker Films

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Family Quiz Box

Passion Distribution

Family Quiz Box is the gameshow that sees four larger-than-life families from different parts of the country playing the same quiz at the same time - all from the comfort of their own homes.

With no host and no studio, this is a modern take on the traditional family board game, which mixes the best of comedic character driven reality with the exciting play-along fun of a quiz show.

In each self-contained episode, an instantly recognizable Quiz Box is delivered to 4 new families. Designed exclusively for this format, the Quiz Box is a versatile interactive device with high-res touch screens on each side.

The box is the host of the show: setting the clock, picking the questions and allowing the families to see the other teams. The contestants are also filmed using fixed-rig cameras which provide an authentic and hilarious window into the family home.
The episode winner is the family who has scored a highest total based upon 4 rounds.

Final scores are revealed to the 4 competing teams at exactly the same time, starting in reverse order.

Clip is from the Turkish version of Family Quiz Box, which aired on TRT and is produced by Net Yapim Film Produksiyon Ltd.

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