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Producer: Middlechild Productions, Lambent Porductions, Raise The Roof Productions

Genres: Documentary

6 x 120’

1000 Years of History (6 x 120 minutes) will explore the defining stories of six of the world’s nations; China, Russia, America, Australia, Scotland and Ireland. Told through “compelling archive and contemporary footage, as well as expert insight and analysis,” each of the six two hour specials will focus on one nation’s unique story and dramatic changes across the centuries.

• AMERICA: 1000 YEARS OF HISTORY (1 x 120’) depicts America’s defining historical moments and explores the incredible story of how this remarkable country was formed and became the powerhouse we see today home to 327 million people and the centre of global capitalism. Produced by Middlechild Productions.
• AUSTRALIA: 1000 YEARS OF HISTORY (1 x 120’) traces the countries aboriginal origins and the first European landing through to rapid urban expansion, extensive mining of natural resources, and the tourism boom. This has created huge wealth but may also have contributed to the colossal climate change challenges the country now faces. Produced Middlechild Productions.
• CHINA: 1000 YEARS OF HISTORY (1 x 120’), uncovers the surprising truth about what made ancient China so dominant, and the extraordinary story of its near-collapse, before its recent resurrection to global superpower status. Produced by Lambent Productions.
• RUSSIA: 1000 YEARS OF HISTORY (1 x 120’) reveals the secrets of the long line of Tsars that laid the foundations for Lenin’s revolution, and the subsequent spy drama of the Cold War, right up to Putin and his assault on Western democracy. Produced by Lambent Productions.
• IRELAND: 1000 YEARS OF HISTORY (1 x 120’) From the legendary hero Brian Boru, through centuries of royal battles and ending with the story of the modern-day success of Ireland’s peace process and a booming economy. Produced by Raise The Roof Productions.
• SCOTLAND: 1000 YEARS OF HISTORY (1 x 120’) From the tension and rivalries that threatened to tear it apart centuries ago to the present day Scotland; a major player both economically and politically in Europe.. Produced by Raise The Roof Productions.