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Producer: Projucer

Genres: Entertainment, Factual

Outback Vet Season 2

Parade Media Group

See the vast array of Western Australia's wild animals and pets through the eyes of the unique family who care for them.

From loveable pets and their unique owners, to deadly stonefish and endangered whale sharks, Outback Vet is all things animal in the wild outback of Western Australia.

It’s teeth, claws, action and adventure, seen through the generational lens of a seventy-year-old career veterinarian, his marine biologist son and his veterinarian daughter.

A moving documentary series following a vet hospital that never sleeps and a remote conservational aquarium on the edge of the world, these touching, real-life animal and human stories, will open the viewers’ eyes to this fascinating and otherwise, inaccessible world.

It’s Dr Pol meets Mad Max, Bondi Vet meets Outback Wrangler, with the diverse charm of Western Australia’s land and sea as its backdrop.

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