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Director: Matt Richards

Producer: Air TV

Executive Producer: Matt Richards

Genres: Entertainment, Factual, Format

Derelict Rescue

Parade Media Group

HGTV is joining Britain’s bravest self-building families in a bold new format where a series of epic projects are stretching the limits of the planning laws, building technology and their own wallets... Throughout this landmark series, we’ll get closer than ever before to the realities of ambitious self builds, while unearthing fascinating facts, uncovering new archive and celebrating the passion for intricate building and engineering techniques that are saving some of the country’s most fascinating buildings...

Every episode will tell the story of one incredible landmark build. We’ll see the crumbling structures and meet the charismatic homebuilders who are often risking huge sums of money, and their reputations, on restoring and converting them for the future. Through bespoke animated CGI based on dynamic drone footage and a 3D model of the sites, we’ll go back in time to recreate how each of the derelict buildings would have looked in their prime, and delve into new archive material of the airfields, railway lines, coastlines or other locations where the build is based. Later in the show, that same CGI will be used to throw forward in time to how the modern renovation will look when complete. During the course of the programmes, we’ll follow the remarkable work going into restoring the buildings. We’ll see the detail of the engineering and will revel in the intricacies of the craftmanship at each site as the project progresses.

Through various break-out items, we’ll learn more about the key characters, their lives and
motivations, and also discover new take-out architectural facts and quirky details. Relevant and
diverse experts, and those with first-hand experience of the sites will be engaged to enhance the authenticity. Each episode will then resolve with the completed build- as the homebuilders reflect on the epic journey they’ve taken through time to get there. We’ll have a filming team following the key stages of every build – with drones, cable cameras and action cams used to cover the detail of every stage of the renovation. But all our home builders will also be using our high quality mini cameras to capture the builds themselves – making this the most authentic and personal homebuilding show on TV.

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