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Director: Herbert Eisenschenk

Producer: A co-production by ORF, ZDF/ARTE and Satel Film funded by Austrian Television Fund, Vienna Film Fund, NÖ Filmförderung and VAM in association with ORF-Enterprise

Writer: Herbert Eisenschenk

Cast: Anna Nowak (Paganini)

Genres: Documentary

52 min.

There are countless imaginative stories about Nicolo Paganini's demonic performances. Only few know that he paid special attention to the strings of his instruments. Knowledge kept secret for centuries went into the making of these Italian lamb gut strings, called "Corde Divine", Divine Strings. The documentary "The Dark Secret of Mr. Paganini" is an extraordinary cinematic journey through 400 years of European string history, at the end of which comes a crucial realization: The impact provided by this string sound is based on the interplay of human inaccuracy and the completeness of nature. Perfection is undesirable.