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Director: Katharina Heigl

Producer: A co-production by ORF, ZDF/ARTE and Satel Film funded by Austrian Television Fund, Vienna Film Fund, NÖ Filmförderung and VAM in association with ORF-Enterprise

Writer: Katharina Heigl

Cast: Martin Gruber (Rochus Schüch), Fanny Altenburger (Leopoldina), Haris Ademovic (Dom Pedro I), Gabriela Garcia Vargas (Dona Domitila), Erwin Steinhauer (Pedro II)

Genres: Documentary

52 min., 45 min.

In September 1822, Dom Pedro I and his wife Leopoldina found the Empire of Brazil, thereby freeing the country from Portuguese colonialism and putting an end to exploitation and foreign influence. It is a brave move that both surprises and angers the European powers - but, without it, modern Brazil would not exist. The region would have disintegrated into a number of smaller republics, engaged in wars on two fronts against enemies in their immediate neighbourhood and in continental Europe. The visionary and driving force behind the project is Leopoldina of Austria, a member of the Habsburg dynasty who continues to be revered in modern-day Brazil. To this day, she is considered the „Mother of the Nation“.