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Director: Dominik Hartl

Producer: e&a film for ORF

Cast: Hubert Kramar, Harald Krassnitzer, Adele Neuhauser, Zeynep Buyrac, Temiko Chichinadze, Lasha Bakradze, Vladimir Korneev, Mariam Avaliani, Mariam Hage, Marcel Wahab

Genres: Drama, TV Movie

90 min.

A dark alleyway, an unlit car... and there Moritz Eisner waits. A few weeks ago, he and his colleague Bibi Fellner helped maneuver the informant Azra Dogan into a new position, as bodyguard to Tariel Tasic. Tasic is the head of a criminal clan, that specializes in money laundering and has been almost untouchable until now. But the murder of his brother Luka – in which Tasic is the main suspect – has thrown everything into disarray.

Moritz himself recruited Azra many years ago and he knew at once that she was the right one for the job. After some early success, however, security concerns arose, and Moritz’s and Bibi’s superiors wanted to call off the operation. But Azra convinced him that she would be able to provide the necessary evidence on a specific evening. Moritz trusted her and secretly authorized the mission. But now, as morning dawns slowly over the meeting place, the young woman has failed to show. The murder investigation turns into a desperate search that not only throws the investigators into direct conflict with Tasic’s organization – but also with their own conscience.