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Director: Phillip Stamp

Producer: Phillip Stamp, Steven Read, Chantal Ling

Executive Producer: Sheldon S. Wiseman, Anurag Srivastava, Phillip Stamp, Steven Read, Jonathan Wiseman

Writer: John Margart

Cast: Stacey Depass, Camden Angelis, Jake Beale, Jordi Mand, John Stocker

Genres: Animation, Children’s, Kids

Demographics: Children, Preschool

Rob the Robot

One Animation Pte Ltd
11 minutes x 104 episodes (S1 52 eps + S2 52 eps)

Rob the Robot’s ongoing mission is to go where no four-year-old has ever gone before! In every episode, Rob and his friends, Orbit, Ema, TK, and Squeak, have to solve a problem that takes them to one of the many amazing planets across the Robot Galaxy.

Fun, laughter, and learning are just a rocket-hop away!

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