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Director: Simon Pike, Woody Woodman, S’ Cephas

Producer: John Mckenna

Executive Producer: Michele Schofield

Writer: Richard Thomas, Justin Carr & Sinéad Fagan, John Reynolds, Joe Vitale, James Phelan, Mike deSève, Jordan Gershowitz, Kai Yuan Tao, Jeff Hylton, Chris Karwowski, Aidan McAteer, Larkin Flanagan, Adam Redfern, Cheng Ding Jia, Aaron MacLaughlan, Zayna Quader, Javier Valdez, Stephen M. Collins, Jessica Silcock, Naomi Smith, AJ Hubbard, Evan Menzel

Cast: Nadia Ramlee, Chio Su Ping, Jeremy Linn, Marlon Dance-Hooi, Marc Thompson

Genres: Animation, Children’s, Comedy, Entertainment, Kids

Demographics: Children

Oddbods Season 3

One Animation Pte Ltd
60 x 7 mins

Oddbods is a non-dialogue, award-winning series, following the adventures of seven adorable characters as they laugh, fool, and trip their way through the most seemingly ordinary situations, often with unexpected consequences. Comedy that appeals to both children and adults. Everything is about to get a little odd.

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