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OGM Universe

Company overview

With many years of experience in the Turkish TV series and film industry, Onur Güvenatam founded OGM Pictures in 2019 and produced many successful TV series that greatly impacted the local and international media industry.

The company created an outstanding track record, both linear and non-linear, offering unpredictable yet familiar content, going far beyond the usual character patterns and story flow in all productions.

As OGM Pictures' productions grew, the company decided to manage global operations in-house and launched OGM UNIVERSE. In addition to distributing local and international content worldwide, the new venture will also be focused on developing new business lines with global partners in production.

Company contact

Address: Istiklal Cad. Misir Apt. No:163/14,


Phone: +90 549 772 19 38
E-mail: [email protected]