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Producer: Tile Films with the support of RTE and the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland

Genres: Documentary, Factual

2 x 60’

Between around 800 and 1000 AD the Vikings wreaked havoc, carrying out devastating raids across western Europe. But that is only part of their story.

‘Viking Empires’ offers a more nuanced portrayal of the Vikings as shrewd traders and empire-builders. Not only did they establish a great commercial empire, but they also developed many things that are mainstays of our modern society.

Filmed at a range of stunning locations in Ireland, Britain, Norway and Iceland, using 4K UHD cinematography, vivid drama re-enactments, interviews with leading international experts, and many exciting archaeological and scientific discoveries. The documentary elements will be combined with drama reenactment sequences that will bring the Vikings to life in an atmospheric and realistic manner, ensuring viewer immersion.