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Producer: Impossible Factual, CuriosityStream, Off the Fence Distribution

Genres: Documentary, Factual

3 x 60’ 4K

This ground-breaking series uses new science to get to the heart of what really drives the fortunes of civilisations, how they thrive, and how they meet their downfall. Feeding from the recent explosion in data about our planet’s past, we set out to offer a completely fresh, eye-opening perspective on the ancient world from the Bronze Age to the fall of Rome.

In three visually stunning episodes, through more than 2,000 years of human history, ‘The Secrets to Civilisation’ explores the interactions of people, environment and planet. We investigate how these forces interact to shape human culture and how the climate can lend civilisations a helping hand – or play a role in their extinction.

The Secrets to Civilisation is about all of us, past and present; because the biggest secret of all is just how much humankind’s fortunes depend on the changing natural world around us.