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Director: Xi Zhinong, Zi Ding, Da Jie, Qu Peng

Producer: Terra Mater Factual Studios, Mark Fletcher Productions, Wild China Films

Executive Producer: Andrea Gastgeb, Sabine Holzer

Genres: Documentary, Entertainment, Factual

1 x 60’

It’s midwinter in the mountains of the Qinghai Tibetan Plateau, four kilometres up, and airless. This is the home of the rare snow leopard, the spirit of the Himalayas. Isolated yak herders have battled snow leopards, bears and wolves for generations; these are old animosities. In 2006, the area became a reserve, and a gun ban was strictly enforced. With no way to protect their yak, the herders start losing 10% of their calves each year. Spectacular wildlife and a stunning backdrop are the setting for a moving true story about the power of nature, of motherhood, and the fragility of life.