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Producer: A CIC Production for otf studios

Genres: Documentary

4 x 60’

Creating a following in 2022 is worlds apart from the pre-internet, pre-television, pre- radio and even pre-printed word eras of our past. Today's influencers beam their content across the world with the touch of a screen, building a worldwide fanbase from their bedrooms. But before the world wide web, smartphones, Instagram and TikTok, notoriety and popularity were gained from a multitude of serendipitous events and
occurrences, and often a lot of hard work and talent. Before ‘like’ buttons, links or comments, fan mail was written by hand and arrived by the sack load, and followers did more than click subscribe, they physically tracked their heroes from place to palace to hear them speak, see them perform or witness their artistic genius.

With so many legendary lives to explore, each episode of this captivating documentary series will address a different category, selecting three world changing personalities synonymous with each episodic theme. Religious leaders, scientific geniuses, political giants, sporting heroes, humanitarian activists and artistic legends. We reveal how each giant of influence rose to absolute notoriety, drawing comparisons between the
motivating forces in their lives and the strategies that spread the word of their reputation as unique and special individuals. With commentary from experts, academics, and psychologists we look to better understand the contributing factors in taking an individual from obscurity to becoming one of ‘History’s Ultimate Influencers’.