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Director: Brad Stent

Producer: Brad Stent, Sarah Brown

Executive Producer: Sarah Brown, Brad Stent

Cast: Kenyon Clarke, Charlotte Clarke

Genres: Reality

6 x 24-30min Episodes

The Property Developers is a refreshingly different, non-scripted reality series that offers a unique perspective into the journey of building a billion dollar property and lifestyle business in New Zealand. This is not your typical reality show. On the surface, people see success and often make assumptions. We see the enviable life of a rich lister, but behind the scenes we don’t often get to see what it really takes to succeed. The series follows the lives of serial entrepreneurs, husband and wife team, Kenyon & Charlotte Clarke. We see how this dynamic power couple merge family life and business together seamlessly, giving viewers an all-access pass to the highs and lows of entrepreneurship, including being a woman in business, within a male dominated industry. The Property Developers offers an insight into a real business and into the mind of a charismatic entrepreneur who is committed to taking viewers on a journey of discovery.