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AARON, PAUL, JEREMY, and EDDIE are a group of misfit photographers/videographers working for a small town photo studio that has been hit hard by the economy and the rise of 'mom-tographers' / DSLR owners.

Their boss (MR. SHEETS) is a wealthy, but washed-up photographer/videographer that wishes he was 20 years younger. The world of photography has passed him up and he is desperate to get back on top. His desire to be hip and admired by women causes him to hire a new female photographer (KAYTI), even though the studio can't afford to hire another employee.

As if their workplace challenges weren't enough, the group also face a rivalry with the suave and elitist pricks at the local camera supply shop. The rival groups constantly attempt to sabotage each other.

Together with their friend BRO CHOICE--an aspiring rapper from Russia that works at the local pizza restaurant called Pirate Island--the group tries to keep the studio afloat while trying to conjure up a little success of their own.

Company: Teddie Films
Creator: Eddie King, Tyler Marshall, Ryan Richardson, Paul Richardson
Director: Eddie King and Tyler Marshall
Producer: Eddie King, Tyler Marshall, Ryan Richardson, Paul Richardson, Jeremy Warner
Cast: Aaron Oldham, Eddie King, Jeremy Warner, Paul Richardson, Gabriel Casdorph, Allison Shiffler, Ryan Richardson, Jordan Harker, Juan Bejar, Miles Mortenson
Exec Producer: Eddie King and Tyler Marshall
Story by: Eddie King, Ryan Richardson, Paul Richardson, Aaron Oldham, Jeremy Warner
Screenplay by: Eddie King
Genre: Comedy, workplace and group of friends sitcom
Demographics: 18-34, Male

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