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Director: Helge Prinsen,John Albert Jansen
Producer: Oogland Filmproducties,KRO-NCRV
Genres: Documentary
People: Helge Prinsen, John Albert Jansen, KRO-NCRV, Oogland Filmproducties
Loss Won't Pay The Bills


A moving and humorous portrait of Holland’s oldest greengrocer and his wife, who have been putting their heart and soul into running their shop for 65 years and don’t want to hear about quitting.

Adrie and Francien’s greengrocer’s shop in Flushing’s old town has been there for 65 years. Old age has affected their walking ability, but Adrie still works 14 to 16 hours a day. Just before they got married in 1957, they went on holiday for the first and last time. Since then they haven’t got around to it. Working hard is their creed. Ada, Adrie’s much younger sister, helps out in the shop every day. She worries at the prospect of spending three months in the south of France. Will Adrie and Francien be able to carry on or will they have to close down their shop?

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