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Director: Bora Tekay
Producer: Ayyapim
Executive Producer: Kerem Çatay
Writer: Birol Güven (Mint Productions),Özlem Açıkgöz,Yelda Açıkgöz
Cast: Hulya Avşar,Cihan Ünal,Deniz Çakır,Burçin Terzioğlu,Vildan Atasever
Genres: Drama, Format, Telenovela
Demographics: All audiences, Children, Family
People: Ayyapim, Birol Güven (Mint Productions), Bora Tekay, BURCİN TERZIOGLU, Cihan Ünal, Deniz Çakır, Hulya Avşar, Kerem Çatay, Özlem Açıkgöz, Vildan Atasever, Yelda Açıkgöz
When The Woman Wants - (Kadin Isterse)


Canan is a self-sacrificing mother who chose to be a wonderful housewife, devoted her life to her husband and children. Erhan - Canan’s husband climbed the stairs of success with Canan’s support however he rarely appreciated Canan’s input. In time, he started to focus more on his image and new social status. Canan’s life will turn upside down when her newbie metrosexual husband decides to brutally divorce her, telling her that he fell in love with his beautiful and sexy PA Alev. Erhan ends his marriage by telling harshly to his wife that she no longer is desirable and they do not look good together.
Canan, totally devastated, decides to leave her house and her teenage girls to Erhan and moves to another country.
A marriage that is over, a wife who is walked out on. But the divorce is the first day of the rest of Canan’s life. It is time for rejuvenation. However, her real plan is to do a total make-over both physical and phycological. She works on her timid, people pleasing character as well as her looks. After a year she changes so dramatically that no one could recognize her, even her children. A serious of cosmetic surgeries and regaining her self-esteem, Canan returns back as the beautiful women, a stranger with a different identity, Duygu. She comes back as Duygu to apply for the PA position at Erhan’s work which became available now, since Alev, ex-PA is the new wife. Knowing Erhan by heart and all his company secrets she not only excels in the job, but makes Erhan dependent on her. She starts entering to the house, be a part of Alev and Erhan’s lives and secretly re-connects with her daughters. At the same time Duygu swears to take everything back from Erhan; his business, his money and his dignity and she starts to bring her revenge plan to action.
Every episode there is high tension suspense taking place as we don’t know when, how and who will find out about Duygu’s real identity, her being Canan. Following chain of events, one by one Canan’s closed ones and daughters start finding out her secret. They are very happy for Canan but it becomes harder and harder for them to keep it to themselves.
As the story unfolds Erhan realizes that Alev is only beautiful outside with no good values deep down, she is spoiled and selfish. Getting to know her better while Duygu is secretly creating situations to reveal Alev’s real colors, for Erhan Alev’s looks start not to look as appealing as before. When the lust starts to fade, Duygu’s skills, good heart and support weighs more. Canan gets what she wanted when she separates Alev and Erhan but she again feels betrayed and cheated, this time by her new self – Duygu.
Erhan starts missing his ex-wife and notices all the sacrifices she needed to make to keep things in good shape and that is why she never had the chance to take care of her own. At first, Canan means to take revenge on her ex-husband and his new wife. But things don’t go as she planned. Her love for Erhan keeps going stronger than ever. Especially when he starts appreciating his ex-wife and misses her.
Redeeming their faults, Erhan and Duygu starts to grow feelings for each other. Feelings like revenge and anger take a new turn and fades away with romance, friendship, empathy and appreciation. When Woman Wants keep the high tension and suspense until the final when Duygu reveals herself and comes back to the house as Canan.
When Woman Wants is a mixed genre family series bringing suspense, romance, drama and funny moments together as in real life. The series was broadcasted with success for 5 seasons in Turkey, also adapted in Romania as number 1 series placed on top of the ratings chart for all demographics.
Broadcast Period: Turkey – Fox TV, 2007-2011 Timeslot: PT -194 x 80’, Weekly - 5 Seasons

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