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Producer: C Yapim
Executive Producer: Sebnem Cetin
Writer: Sebnem Cetin
Genres: Entertainment, Format
Demographics: All audiences
People: C Yapim, Sebnem Cetin
Super Puzzle


In Super Puzzle, every episode, 4 contestants race against the clock testing their verbal skills, vocabulary and word knowledge in fast paced rounds. The questions and word puzzles are designed in a way that everyone from different educational backgrounds can solve easily and viewers can play along.

1st. Round, the contestants try to complete the 3 words which has the same missing consecutive letters. 2nd. Round, they are given the definition of the word and they try to find the word. The letters of the word start to appear on screen one by one, lowering down the total points to be won. The one who can guess what the word is fastest receive points. 3rd. Round, they reorder the mixed letters to find meaningful words. 4th. Round, they need to maximum number of words hidden in the mixed letters. Every meaningful word counts but the one who finds the word with maximum letters receives an extra bonus.
The contestant with the highest score plays for the final round. In the Final, multiple words from the 4 rounds appear on the screen. The finalist needs to find the meaningful phrase or idiom by bringing the right words together. The winner also gets to compete in the weekly final to multiply his winnings. Winner of the week goes to the super finals.

The show had many sponsored word puzzles, used as a game in team building company events and received great feedback on social media and press. Unlike other word game shows it succeeded to reach to young demographics as well.

Aired on Bloomberg HT (2014-2017) for 750 episodes, Super Puzzle, became a family entertainment brand of the channel.

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