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Producer: Sera Film Services
Writer: Sera Film Services
Genres: Entertainment, Format, Reality
Demographics: All audiences
People: Sera Film Services
Serve Yourself Up - (Tadinda Ask Var)


In SERVE YOURSELF UP, 5 singletons (3 ladies and 2 gentlemen) picked out by a relationship coach, get the chance to know more about each other, over a dinner table every night of the week.
At the beginning of each program, we visit the host of the day at their place and watch their preparations from tidying and decorating their place to grocery shopping from dressing up to setting the table.

One by one each singleton will be hosting the rest of the crowd at their own place putting themselves under the limelight. While they dine and talk, the host is required to tell the others about his or her past relationships. The host of the day, will have to face tough questions about their love life and they need to be as forthcoming and sincere as possible in answering them. Everyone will have a chance to observe the opposite sex at their own environment as well but also in other consecutive nights. Each contestant will try to impress the opposite sex while their same-sex competitors look for their soft spots.

Everyone will have a chance to find out the truth about that night’s host: their house, their style, cleanliness, hosting skills, dinner etiquettes and so on… But it is not only their hosting skills that are put under a microscope. At the same time while they all wine and dine they will try to impress the opposite sex in a very competitive environment. The night always ends with a high note. The host’s choice of party entertainment will always be a social activity creating a chance to bring contestants closer to each other. Will the ensuing heat lead to a romance? Or maybe the host has a further surprise to heighten the tension?

Throughout the week, different topics about relationships are discussed and surprising facts about the contestants are revealed. Will their first impressions still prevail after knowing more about each other?

Relationship coach watches the night via her screen and comments on their behaviour, share tips and tricks on how to best express themselves. Contestants can benefit from her expertise and could try more the next day.

Day by day, confrontations and arguments arise, romance blossoms. By injecting elements of attraction, rivalry and competition between contestants, we observe how, day-by-day, opinions and looks change, and relationships form.

At the end of each episode, the evening’s host will be evaluated and rated by the other contestants based on their character, charm, hosting skills and contestant’s approach to a relationship.

In the final, the contestants write down the name of the person that they’d like to date with. If they are also chosen by the one that they are attracted to, it means we have a matching couple. But, coupling is not enough to win the cash prize.

In order to win the prize money, one has to have the highest vote among all five and have a romantic match.

Broadcast Info: 15 x 90’, Fox TV-2009
(Available as stripped x 45’- 60’ but can be developed as weekly, reality coach element is optional)

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