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Alone - (Issiz Adam)


Alone is a heart - melting romance that speaks of the loneliness created by modern life.
In his mid-thirties, ALPER is a talented Chef who runs his own restaurant. He may have achieved success in business, but the same cannot be said of his personal life. He spends his time, trapped in a triangle between his gastronomic creations, one-night stands and call girls. Suddenly he sees his life take a new turn when he enters a second- hand bookstore on the streets of Beyoglu to buy an old record he was looking for. ADA is an attractive, unpretentious and relatively stable woman in her 20s who makes costumes for children. One day, while walking in the environs of Beyoglu, in search of a used book, she enters the same store and meets with Alper - a womanizer by nature. Alper is impressed by the beauty of ADA and goes out in pursuit. They start to date and fell in love with each other but Alper is scared to commit. The more Alper attempts to create space for Ada in his life, the more confined and claustrophobic he begins to feel. Ada, unaware of the venom in Alper's blood opens her heart and shows the courage to be vulnerable. Ada and Alper live their romance as much as they are capable of. When things are going really well, Alper ends the relationship which brings a short-term comfort and an illusion of freedom. Ada and Alper discovered the new pleasures in sharing the music, delicious tastes and stories that touch them deep inside. Alper chose to keep his eyes and heart shut until it’s too late for him to actually open up and see. Unfortunately, their break up becomes the heaviest regret that he commits to carry in his heart forever.

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