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Director: Nippon TV

Producer: Nippon TV

Executive Producer: Nippon TV

Writer: Nippon TV

Genres: Entertainment, Format

Flexible, unscripted format

An Indian woman who doesn’t speak Korean at all sings “Fake Love” by BTS.

A French man who loves Japanese food sings “Oh My Little Girl,” Yutaka Ozaki’s signature piece. A Peruvian high school group sings “Letting Go” by Singapore’s Tanya Chua.

People create phenomena from all corners of the world using social media and YouTube to express their bond and love for their favorite foreign country by singing a local hit, like a native. What drives their passion?

This show brings amateur singers together from all over the world who have never lived in your country but love your country’s hits and gives them a chance to express their affection through songs. At the same time, it’s a “Song for (Country Name)” competition that crowns the foreign national to be the world’s best singer of your country’s best hits.

Although many of them don’t speak the language, their love for music makes them sing like a local!

Renowned celebrities will judge and choose the winner. The winners of the first round will advance to the finals to compete for the championship. One of them will be crowned the champion and get the chance to meet the hit song’s singer!

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