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Director: Nippon TV

Producer: Nippon TV

Executive Producer: Nippon TV

Writer: Nippon TV

Genres: Format

Flexible, unscripted format

“Time Potion” is a high concept game show where time is the ultimate ruler. Save every second, no matter what.

9 players gather in an unknown place, each without a clue as to what game they are about to play. As the gameplay begins, their “life” starts to tick away. In order to stop the countdown, complete the mission such as “Dig the key in the mud”, “Put a coin into the cup underwater”, and “Catch the ball with the spike”, or else you will be eliminated as your life hits zero.

Each player fights across 3 stages, and the last person remaining wins. Separate from the missions, bottles containing the Time Potion are scattered across the playing field. Crack the 4-digit code to unlock the case and grab it. By drinking it, you will recover your life. Or keeping it until the end will earn you a cash prize. A key to victory is being able to instantly judge how much you need the Potion to continue on in tackling the missions. You must weigh the maximum speed you are able to perform against the amount of life you have remaining.

Dive into the unique universe of Time Potion, where time is of the essence!

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