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Director: Yuma Suzuki

Producer: Yuta Fukui

Writer: Masataka Tsubaki

Genres: Drama

10 x 60 minutes

Passionate teachers who will do anything for their students have gone extinct. Unless their life is at stake.

With the spread of social media, it has become impossible to track what students are doing in their private lives. People are sensitive to gender and LGBTQ issues, and denounce all forms of harassment and abuse. It is absurd to think that teachers and students can have a close relationship. Both parties are simply not interested.

“One of the students in front of me will kill me a year from now. There will be 30 suspects.”

After the ceremony on graduation day, teacher Rina Kujo is pushed off the 4th floor. The last things she sees is the sleeve of someone’s uniform.

“Why?! No! Who would do this to me?! I don’t want to die!” Just as these thoughts flash through her mind, she finds herself back at the assembly on the first day of school one year ago.

In this school drama for the new era, Rina faces her students squarely to unveil the truth.

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