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Director: Nippon TV

Producer: Nippon TV

Executive Producer: Nippon TV

Genres: Documentary, Format

People: Daisuke Yamaguchi, George Tokoro, Hiroko Moriguchi, Junji Ouchi, Yoshio Takahashi

Shows: Old Enough!

Companies: Nippon Television Network Corporation, NTV

Flexible, unscripted format

Old Enough captures the refreshing wonder, amazement, and charm of little children going on "big adventures" - running errands on their own for the very first time. The children are filled with a sense of determination and noble purpose, and whether excited and overjoyed about the mission, overwhelmed with fear, or filled with boldness and courage, they are all irresistibly adorable every step of the way!

Already a cultural phenomenon in Japan, Old Enough has been a prime time hit for over 30 years! It's a proven ratings powerhouse across all demographics and is sure to draw an audience anywhere it is produced. Old Enough can even be done in many alternative ways to meet the various production and cultural standards of the producing country.

In all cases, the producers meticulously gather research from parents and parental organizations, and parents decide the appropriate challenge for each child. Sometimes it's cooking the family dinner, folding the family's clothes, or going on an errand in town. And when the kids hit the streets, it is always under the watchful eye of hidden cameras and the show's safety team, who are disguised as joggers, passersby, or gardeners. No matter the situation, the team is never more than a few steps away.

See why educators, parents' groups, and parents have hailed the show for its charming portrayal of the parent-child bond. You're sure to smile and sigh and maybe cry a tear or two as you visit people and places right along with the little ones on their errands. Frequently compared to "Kids Say the Darndest Things" and "Funniest Home Videos," Old Enough continues in the tradition of lovable, family programming. It's unpredictable. It's original. It's can't miss family entertainment.

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