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Director: Nippon TV

Producer: Nippon TV

Executive Producer: Nippon TV

Writer: Nippon TV

Genres: Drama, Reality

5 x 30 minutes / 5 x 30 minutes

- First Kiss Boys
Minato Kujo lives in a rural town, feeling empty and lost as he spits out lyrics. His first kiss is with Ririna Miyama, who transferred from another school.

It’s a summer of emotional turmoil for the high school seniors. Ririna moved to another school in Tokyo and rumor has it that she’ll be starring in a dating reality show for women who want to overwrite their first kiss with another one. Minato, Yugo, and Keita are shook. She appears on the smartphone declaring, “We kissed, but I want to forget it.”

- First Kiss Ladies
They will live under the same roof with Ren and try to capture his heart. The one who manages to do so gets to replace her first kiss. A mockumentary presents fiction as a documentary. As cast members improvise their conversations, real confrontations arise. Are the adlib words and behaviors mere acting, or straight from the heart?

“First Kiss Ladies” will be featured as a streaming content beginning in part 2 of Gen-Z drama “First Kiss Boys”. Don’t miss this unique crossover of 2 dramas!

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