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Genres: Entertainment, Format

Demographics: All audiences

60 min format

Once leaving the stressful reality and stepping into this vibrant wonderland, players are encouraged to break things with their mighty blows. Crush, crush and crush walls, boxes, water balloons or clay pots to conquer wacky challenges in knockout stages, and beat monsters while ignoring the annoying game master.

Each equipped with weapons of respective destructive powers such as hammers, swords, nunchucks or a special explosive potion created for the show, players engage in physical challenges to advance through the stages.
Who will become the ultimate winner of Crush Park?

- Who can break five walls of different materials and run through the course the quickest?
- How many water balloons out of 400 can you pop in two minutes?
- Keep cutting columns until the big monster statue falls to the ground!

The strategy behind the choice of weapons, or where to start the attack determines how the players fully unleash their inner beasts and inflict mass destruction. Who knew that an elegant librarian could become such a wild destroyer?!

Players must outdo their competitors in speed, power, and level of damage to become the best crusher, while channeling their everyday stress into destroying "monsters."

By sharing a few good laughs and busting stress with players who smash one flashy enemy after another, viewers will also be able to break through just by watching the show!

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