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Director: Nippon TV

Producer: Nippon TV

Executive Producer: Nippon TV

Writer: Nippon TV

Genres: Format


Baby shower parties are taken to a whole new level in this format where two groups of expectant parents, family and friends join forces to tackle games with gigantic baby items to win prizes!

Baby Shower is about showing expectant parents emotional support, making them feel they are not alone in welcoming and raising children. Guests don’t have to bring gifts to this studio game show though, as they have to get them on the spot by completing physical games! Just as everything looks enormous from a child’s eyes, various baby items are enlarged to massive proportions. Two groups each supporting a different family compete each other in five unique rounds with the aim of winning as many prizes as possible for expectant Moms and Dads, who are there giving commands.

Can players keep their balance and control the balls in a giant baby cradle swinging like a seesaw?

Can they match baby and grown-up photos and grab the correct pairing from a rotating crib mobile?

Running around the obstacle course wearing a giant milk bottle, or quickly changing diapers of teddy bears on a rotating conveyor…Can you conquer what seems like child’s play and collect more points than the other team? Expectant Moms and Dads lead the team through rounds, which culminates to a final game of Giant Romance!

By illustrating how a family deepens their bonds with one another through hilarious games, this format offers a lot of laughter, drama and heartwarming moments every viewer can relate to.

Join the party and celebrate with us!

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