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Genres: Comedy, Entertainment, Format

Demographics: All audiences

9 Windows

Nippon TV
60~120 minute format

Set in an iconic, interactive studio setting, each episode features nine contestants, all beamed in from their homes via 'nine windows' in the form of giant, on-set screens.

Every episode is centred around a theme that connects its competitors - whether it's a shared interest or a special ability. Across three compelling and hilarious rounds, the contestants reveal their extraordinary hidden talent - anything from intricate body camouflaging or building famous landmarks from jelly, to blowing out candles with a power-punch.
From the start, contestants must amaze a studio jury, accumulating as many "likes" as possible to make it through to the final round and the chance to win a cash prize. Throughout the series, a famous comedy host keeps the laughs coming and action running in this highly original show, which includes viewer play-along at every stage.

9 Windows aired on Nippon TV on 24th September 2020 with average share of 23.5%, it outperformed all the competition in its timeslot as well as the channel slot average.

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