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Flexible, unscripted format

“5 Friends, 5 Favours!” is a brand-new studio gameshow where friends battle it out to win for their celebrity friends.
Two celebrities each summon five friends, who will compete in a challenge across five different categories using their specialties and skill sets. The celebrity with more friends winning the challenges is the winner. The keys to unlocking victory lie in who they know and their rich social connections.
“Will you do me a favour?” All it takes to get the battle started is this one simple question. Provided with five categories, celebrities must brainstorm through their contact list to find a trusted friend who best matches to beat the challenge. Friends must beat the challenges revealed on the spot by demonstrating expertise across different categories - such as cooking, singing, knowledge, physical strength, or a truly unique challenge to prove their deep bond: Do they have over 100 pictures of the celebrity friend in their smartphone?
Will the friends live up to expectations?
The friends earn a point for each victory. The team with the most points is awarded a most fitting prize: an invitation to a marvelous dinner —a chance to pay back the favours for dear friends.
In the heat of battle, the celebrities reveal themselves through — raw emotions, overwhelming excitement; even tears of joy. Win or lose, best friends will always be there to do each other a favour.
Whether they are childhood friends or pillars of strength struggling through setbacks together, these besties formed during various phases of life have gathered to cherish their bonds. Witness the celebrities exposing their rarely seen sides that only these friends can bring out.

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