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Director: Willem Bosch, Pieter Kuijpers

Producer: Pupkin

Writer: Willem Bosch, Pieter Kuijpers

Cast: Aoibhínn McGinnity, Declan Conlon, Hadewych Minis, Kerr Logan, Ian Beattie

Genres: Drama


Based on an explosive and gripping true story, The Spectacular takes us back to tense times in 1988, one of the bloodiest years of the decade for IRA activities, including rare incidents outside the UK. Following two violent IRA attacks on British military personnel stationed in the Dutch region of Limburg, academic Jeanine Maes is recruited to help with the criminal investigation. It’s not long before she comes face-to-face with her main suspect, Fiona Hughes, a highly dangerous, active member of the IRA, and is forced to tread a path with high-stakes and far-reaching consequences. Meanwhile, in Northern Ireland, British security service MI5 coerces IRA Volunteer Patrick Lynch to infi ltrate the inner circle of legendary bomber Declan Moore who, encouraged by his older brother-in-arms Corey O’Keefe, is soon expected to lead an Active Service Unit in Mainland Europe. Will Jeanine risk disrupting the peace process between Britain and Northern Ireland with her obsessive pursuit of Fiona? And will Declan’s rift with Corey mean it’s down to him to show that the IRA are still as powerful as they were ten years ago?