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Director: Christophe Douchand, Nicolas Picard-Dreyfuss

Producer: Boxeur de lune, Boxeur 7

Writer: Solen Roy–Pagenault, Robin Barataud, Brigitte Peskine, Olivier Laneurie, Elsa Marpeau

Cast: Cécile Bois, Raphael Lenglet, Mhamed Arezki, Gaya Verneuil, Alix Poisson, Samira Lachhab, Alexandre Varga

Genres: Drama

Demographics: 30-50, Female

Candice Renoir

Newen Connect

After putting her career on standby for 10 years, Candice Renoir returns from Singapore and joins the police force in a port town in southern France. Despite her rusty detective skills and her unit’s flagrant defiance, and a superior officer whose cynicism doesn’t make her job any easier, Candice is determined to turn her so-called weaknesses into strengths. She solves the most complex cases thanks to her common sense and keen observation skills, boosted by a pragmatic nature honed by a busy daily routine. Candice may seem naive on the outside but she’s savvy on the inside, and no one can resist her!

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