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Newen Connect


Newen Connect

Company overview

Newen Connect is a major player in the global distribution of audiovisual content. As part of the Newen Group, it brings together the commercial activities of Newen Group, TF1 Studio and ReelOne International, with a broad multi-genre catalogue that includes 1,000 films and more than 6000 hours of programmes. Its fiction, animation, documentary and format productions are sold in over 130 territories around the globe to the key players in every sector, from linear and non-linear TV networks to digital platforms.

Programming Profile

Newen champions European content


The distribution arm of French production group Newen is tapping into new global demand for European programming, says EVP Leona Connell, who talks us through the company’s Digital Screenings playlist.


Newen Connect, the distribution arm of French production group Newen, has been “incredibly busy” during the Covid-19 pandemic, according to EVP of distribution Leona Connell.


“The buyers we work with from channels and platforms all seem to be actively looking for content at the moment,” she says. “They need to fill the void that has unfortunately been left by some of the studios’ productions having slowed down or come to a halt.


“So we’ve got a lot going on as there’s a lot of demand for content. That, coupled with the fact so many platforms are increasing their geographical reach or launching new services, means buyer activity has really increased over the past year or so.”


Among the types of content currently in demand, according to Connell, is drama – a genre that has exploded around the world in recent years. The exec adds that in particular demand is drama from Europe, a wealth of which can be found in Newen Connect’s catalogue.



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