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Producer: Outline Productions

Cast: Fred Sirieix

Remarkable Places To Eat Series 2

NENT Studios UK
4 x 60’

Fred Sirieix (Million Pound Menu) really knows great food. He’s served as a maître d’hotel for Michelin-starred restaurants and worked at some of London’s leading places to eat. Now, he’s joined by established food experts - TV chefs, restaurateurs, food critics - who are taking him to the town or city in Europe that is home to their favourite eatery. This could be a roadside shack, a simple deli, or a famous establishment run by a leading chef. Fred’s guest will decode the venue’s secrets, explaining why it gets their vote, and share their expert insights and observations. The pair will then take advantage of being in an interesting city to get a taste of other local foodie favourites. Packed with mouthwatering meals, behind the scenes revelations and colourful travelogue, this memorable series provides delicious recommendations for places to visit.

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