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Producer: Crackit Productions

Genres: Factual

Plastic Surgery Knifemares

NENT Studios UK
6 x 60’

Plastic surgery is big business, worth more than three billion pounds a year in the UK alone. Once reserved only for the rich and famous who could afford to go under the knife, lower costs and medical advancements have meant that any of us can choose to have a nip and tuck. But all cosmetic procedures have risks and if the surgery goes wrong the results can be catastrophic. In this series, narrated by Sarah Cawood, we look at how some people’s dreams have turned into plastic surgery nightmares, often leaving them permanently disfigured, or in some cases, fighting for their life. We speak to a range of experts, including surgeon Mr Alex Karidis and psychiatrist Dr Raj Persaud, and also take a look at the most popular procedure – boob jobs – and how celebrities such as Pamela Anderson have influenced the industry.

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