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Producer: Mastiff

Genres: Factual

Food and Fire

NENT Studios UK
6 x 60’

Visionary Swedish chef Niklas Ekstedt incinerates the conventional rules of cooking in this fiery series, as he takes viewers back to ‘analogue cooking,’ described as “a highly skilled approach to cuisine that relies on coals instead of cookers.” Niklas has always been fascinated by fire and the way that it can completely change the taste of food and now he travels the globe to experience the varied, and often ancient, techniques deployed in different regions today. In Texas, in the US, he learns the fine art of cooking in barbecue pits, while in Peru, he meets with leading contemporary chefs inspired by their Inca ancestors. In this stunningly shot series, we also follow Niklas to the Basque Country in Spain, Istanbul in Turkey, Naples in Italy, and Finland, all the time exploring how ancient fiery techniques are deliciously powering future food trends.

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