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Director: Michael Samuels

Producer: The Development Partnership, NENT Studios UK

Executive Producer: Gina Carter

Writer: Angela Pell

Cast: Connie Nielsen, Chris Eccleston

Close To Me

NENT Studios UK
6 x 60’

Imagine waking up in a hospital bed and being told that you’ve had a serious accident, an accident you can remember nothing about. And then imagine realising that you have also ‘lost’ the entire last twelve months of your life. Every memory, gone.

To top it all, you can’t shake the feeling that some of these memories are purposely being kept from you. Added to the mix of confusion is the fact that you are no longer the woman you used to be; the head injury has changed your personality.

Apparently, you are way more strident and defiant now. Not the passive, do-everything- or everybody, nice, accommodating wife and mother you previously were. Elements of your character that you were unaware of and have perhaps been subconsciously repressing all these years are suddenly brought to the fore. It’s a new you: more assertive, more vociferous, at odds with how people remember you.

However, this new persona may be just what you need to discover the truth about what happened. Little by little, Jo’s memories start to come back, but it’s not clear how reliable they all are. The doctor did mention that during her convalescence, she might experience hallucinations and false memories. It’s just so confusing, like trying to piece together a puzzle with little context.

As well as trying to figure out what has gone on with her family - all of their relationships seem unusually strained - she is trying to work out who is the man from the sexually-charged flashbacks she keeps having. It doesn’t look or feel like her husband. And was the sex consensual?

Gradually, Jo begins to understand that the one year that’s shrouded in fog is when her previously thought of ‘perfect little life’ began to unravel. Disturbingly, she comes to realise that everyone in her life has recently had some reason to wish her ill: if she was pushed, no one is above suspicion.

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