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Producer: SVT,ITV

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Catch Phrase

NENT Studios UK

A much-loved, family-focused primetime hit in the UK for more than 20 years, Catch Phrase successfully returned to British screens in 2013 with an updated format, a brand new set, exciting 3D graphics and a dynamic new end game. Catch Phrase creates fun animations of well-known
phrases, sayings and even film, song and book titles, and then looks for contestants to buzz in as quickly as they can when they know the answer and can say what they see. Three contestants start and over the rounds are whittled down to one, with the last man or woman standing facing a pyramid of catchphrases to guess against the clock. Usually played by the general public, but special celebrity versions have also proved very popular, with prize money going to charity. A warm and funny format with great potential for playing along at home, it’s no wonder that Catch
Phrase has been enthralling audiences for more than 20 years.

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