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Director: Thomas Gray
Producer: Deirdre Barry
Executive Producer: Andrew Fitzpatrick
Writer: Emma Hogan,Danny Stack,Kristina Yee,Richard Morrs,Arlene Fox,Alastair Swinnerton,Helen Flanagan,Tim Clague,Shane Fogarty,Kevin Hannigan
Cast: Gary Etchingham,Cliff Parrott
Genres: Animation, Children’s, Entertainment
Demographics: Children
People: Alastair Swinnerton, Andrew Fitzpatrick, Arlene Fox, Cliff Parrott, Danny Stack, Deirdre Barry, Emma Hogan, Gary Etchingham, Helen Flanagan, Kevin Hannigan, Kristina Yee, Richard Morrs, Shane Fogarty, Thomas Gray, Tim Clague
Shows: I’m a Fish
Companies: Monster Entertainment
I’m a Fish

52 x 2 mins

I’m a Fish features a variety of sea creatures who invite us into their underwater world. They tell us all sorts of fun and interesting facts about where they live, what they do
and how they survive in such deep, dark and sometimes dangerous places!

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