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Producer: Blonde Pilot,MONDO TV

Genres: Animation, Children’s

People: Blonde Pilot, Mondo TV

Shows: Secret Wings

Companies: Blonde Pilot, Mondo TV Group

Secret Wings - Pollen Princesses

Mondo TV Group
26 episodes - 11’

Secret Wings tells the story of the Pollen Princesses that live in the ocean world of Glimmer in a colourful archipelago.
Every Coronation Year a princess from one of the islands would be chosen and crowned queen, and would rule all the islands of Glimmer until a successor was elected.
Poppy, the Ladybird princess of Pollen Island, is about to discover that dreams can become a reality! We’ll follow Poppy and her friends through fun and exciting adventures as they solve riddles, follow clues and discover the secret of the magic wings contained in the Wingredients book that will help to save and transform their world from the arrogant and mean Lavender.
We’ll see teamwork, tenacity, talent and friendship break Vespa’s hold on Pollen Island forever.
The stories will be grouped in series, each based around the friends’ interaction with a single island & its princesses.
Series One establishes the mood and spirit of Secret Wings. With each island based on different natural elements and each set of wings having unique abilities, the variety & scope for stories is enormous.

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